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Bobst Bielefeld presents new ColorControl system at Open House

On October 7 and 8, Bobst Bielefeld held an Open House dedicated to the topic of color matching. The great interest in the event – not only among flexo printers but professionals across the whole industry – clearly showed that the topic of color matching continues to be highly important. On the one hand, a consistent standard in flexo color matching does not exist and on the other hand brand owners demand high color accuracy. The first day of the event was held in German whereas the second day was held in English targeting an international audience.

On both days, the event was split up into a seminar session in the morning and a print demonstration in the afternoon. The presentation of BOBST’s new ColorControl system was the focus of the event. ColorControl aids printers in considerably reducing set-up times whilst at the same time, improving process consistency with color matching.

During the seminar session the holistic approach of the new ColorControl system to the complex process of color matching was explained. As Hermann Koch, new Sales & Marketing Director at Bobst for German speaking countries, pointed out, color matching is more than just process control using spectrophotometer and modifying the ink using a scale. That is why the BOBST ColorControl system considers the whole process that a printer has in place, from an analysis of existing equipment to the careful matching between proofer and printing press and the ink correction at the printing press.

During the live demo, the fast and user-friendly process control and the ink correction were showcased on a spot color. Thanks to latest hardware and software, interfaced with the press control system, the generation of a modified recipe and the transfer of the modified ink to the press proved to be a matter of minutes. The subsequent process control on a printed sample evidenced that only one iteration was required to stay within the desired tolerance.

It was not only the live demonstration of ColorControl but also the presentations of guest speakers that sparked the interest of the professionals from the industry attending the seminar session. Uwe Richter, graduate physicist and color measuring and management specialist, spoke about "Improving the workflow from ink preparation to recipe correction at the press". During his speech, he clearly pointed out the importance of thorough ink preparation and the manifold parameters affecting color. Mustafer Dilek from gmg explained the capacities of state-of-the-art digital proofing while Bernd Sanning from Flexicon highlighted the topic of color matching from the print buyers’ perspective.

"We are pleased by the very positive feedback we received from visitors of our Open House, and feel it justified our decision to present the topic of color matching by the dual concept of a seminar session and a live demo. For future events we will certainly replicate this concept to update our customers on latest developments", explains Bill Duckham, Bobst Bielefeld Sales & Marketing Director.

Bobst Bielefeld presents new ColorControl system at Open House

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